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Asunim Türkiye olarak 2012

Asunim Türkiye olarak 2012 yılında faaliyete başlayan Asunim Yenilenebilir Enerji Teknolojileri; bir çok rakibi eleyerek; özel sektör girişimi ile kurulacak olan 500kWp kurulu güçteki güneş enerji santralinin EPC yüklenicisi olmayı başardı. Proje aşamasında olan sistemin 2013 Mart ayı içerisinde devreye alınması bekleniyor.

Asunim Genera fuarında...

Asunim Genera fuarında… Asunim Espana S.L., 7 senedir aralıksız katılım gösterdiği; İspanya’nın Madrid kentinde 26-28 Şubat 2013 tarihlerinde düzenlenecek olan Genera fuarında yerini alıyor. Hall 5, Stand no 5F04’e ziyaretinizi bekliyoruz.

Asunim UK Ecobuild fuarında…

Asunim UK Ecobuild fuarında… Asunim UK LTD İngiltere’nin Londra kentinde 5-8 Mart 2013 tarihlerinde düzenlenecek olan Ecobuild fuarına ziyaretçi olarak katılım gösterdi. Yenilenen İngiliz yenilenebilir enerji kanunu ile ilgili gelişmelerin dikkatle izlendiği fuarda, Asunim yeni iş ilişkileri kurarak, 2013 senesinde İngiliz pazarındaki aktivitelerini geliştirme fırsatı buldu. İngiltere pazarında 3MW’a varan hacmi bulunan Asunim UK, 2013 senesi için İngiltere pazarında 6MW’lık bir hacim beklemektedir.


Asunim Türkiye ”SOLAREX GÜNEŞ ENERJİSİ VE TEKNOLOJİLERİ FUARI” nda... Asunim Türkiye, 2008 senesinden beri katılım gösterdiği; Türkiye’nin İstanbul kentinde 11-13 Nisan 2013 tarihlerinde düzenlenecek olan “Solarex Fuarı”nda yerini alıyor. Stand D-08’e ziyaretlerinizi bekliyoruz.

Asunim in a CSUN interview

Interview from our CSUN partner with Asunim's Group Director and Managing Partner Turkey (for March 2013 Newsletter):

1. Please give a short introduction to your company.

ASUNIM is an international distributor, EPC and project integrator of solar photovoltaic systems that supplies PV (photovoltaic) components worldwide.

Given its ample experience in Solar module manufacturing, ASUNIM´s mission is to provide a reliable delivery of the best certified and proven components available in the market and to give project and technical support to installers and developers trough a team of highly qualified professionals with specific training and profound experience in the different areas of PV system integration.

ASUNIM is also a project oriented company that focuses on advising and installing PV systems that work and have the ideal configuration and combination of components that better fit the customer needs.

2. How do you judge the current developments on the European PV market – retro-active reductions of FITs, anti-dumping and at the same time certain markets reaching grid parity? Which influence will these factors have on market attractiveness and development?

We are currently going through a very important phase of market reorganization and are witnessing a shift in paradigm. Europe, and in fact the whole world is quickly moving away from FIT-driven scenarios to a much more logical grid parity application of decentralized PV systems. The end result of these changes will be PV as a completely normal part of the energy equation worldwide but it is a rather turbulent period where traditional centralized power utilities are left with the choice between a rock and a hard place. We believe that similar to petrol or gas, solar module and system prices will soon stabilize in line with demand and electricity prices. Regarding EU antidumping measures we believe it is too early to comment on their effect.

3. In which markets do you currently see the greatest potential for PV and the activities of your company?

Turkey, Chile, South Africa and neighboring countries, followed by a more stable market in Europe in 2014 re starting from Mediterranean sunbelt countries like Portugal, Spain and Italy.

4. How would you describe your relationship with CSUN? Since when have you been working with CSUN and what kind of projects have you realized with CSUN? What do you consider the main benefits of working with CSUN?

We were the first company to introduce CSUN (formerly CEEG) in the Spanish market in 2007 and have maintained a mutually beneficial relationship ever since. From the beginning, we were convinced by their quality control and component choice and have supported our opinion by frequent visits to their manufacturing sites China. As a growing and responsible PV company, we are happy to cooperate with CSUN in our own projects and promoting the same modules to our customers.

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